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Serious Career Questions for New Grads

questions for new grads

Millions of college seniors graduate every year. As graduation approaches, there are some serious career questions new grads should be asking.  Answering these questions will help new grads hit the ground running. These 12 questions are some of the serious career questions that should be on your mind.

1. Do I have a professional resume, cover letter and thank-you letter that have been critiqued and ready to be modified as needed?  Find your career center on campus or send them to ASK Us and we can proofread for you.

2. Have I asked any of my professors, coaches, mentors etc to write reference letters for me?  Read 9 Key Elements of a Good Reference Letter

3. Do I know which job search myths are stalling new graduates?  Read – New Grads Falling Prey to Job Search Myths

4. Have I been to the career center on my college campus to learn which employers are recruiting there this fall and how they can help after graduation? Find a list of HBCU career centers here.

5. It is too late to do an internship now that I am graduating?  Simple answer is NO. Why Internships?

6. Do I know my three (3) top preferred industries? Expand your career and industry awareness with company and industry research.

7. Do you have a LinkedIn profile?

8. Am I leaving school without knowing my V.I.S.A (Values, Interests, Skills and Abilities)? Meet with  career center staff on your campus. talk with a mentor or do some personal exploration with these career tools.

9. Have I cleaned up my online persona? Have I sanitized my Tweets, set my Facebook privacy settings, Googled myself?

10. Have I made a list of everyone in my networking circle?  Key tip to remember with networking is that “Givers Gain.”  Don’t expect to be asking for help and not be willing to share.

11. Am I getting the latest career and college graduate success tips targeted for me? Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and your college career center tweets or blogs.  Find other resources you trust on line.

12. Is grad school in my future?  Think about how you could go to grad school for free.

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