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Second Round Job Interview Tips

second round job interviewsYou have done everything right and aced the first interview during on-campus interviews.  Now you are scheduled for the next step.  Use these second round job interview tips to succeed.

1. Know your interview schedule and the day’s timeline ahead of time.

2. If you are traveling, arrive well ahead of schedule. Some companies save money by having you fly in, do that second interview and fly out the same day. Prepare for a long day.

3. Dress professionally, stay conservative but be comfortable.

4. Research not just the company, but the industry. Know how the company fits into the industry.

5. Have questions prepared about not just the job, but also about the industry or career path.

6. Be more prepared to discuss salary and benefits at the second round job interview. You should have researched the position and know at least a range of potential offers. This way you will be able to have an intelligent argument about compensation.

7. You could meet HR staff, senior managers and direct supervisors at this second round job interview. Collect business cards for everyone and follow-up with each person separately.

8. One of your interviews on site might be over a meal. Brush up on your job interview meal etiquette before your interview.

9. Be courteous to everyone you meet.

10. Don’t forget hotel staff. Be friendly and remember to tip.

11. Do not abuse any company accounts you are allowed to bill.

12. Have your documents such as resume, portfolios etc available and accessible online.

13. Deliberately express interest in the job by summarizing qualifications.

14. Be cautious when interacting with recent hires who graduated from your alma mater on this second round job interview. Stay professional. These employees are looking out for the company, not necessarily for their alma mater.

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