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Resume Writing Challenge – 50 Tips That Work

Take the 60-minute resume writing challenge and improve your resume!

I’ve been updating our list of 50 Resume Writing Tips every year for about a decade.

Our goal is that if you use our list and spend 60 minutes with your resume you can improve your resume in the process.  With social media increasingly becoming a part of the job search, many are debating the value of resumes.  IMO, (a first for me to use text language in an article) resumes are still important and these 50 resume writing tips still work.  Remember though that your resume has 20-30 seconds to make an impression on a reader who will have to decide if they will put your resume in the KEEP or TOSS piles.

50 Resume Writing Tips

1. Skip the prepackaged templates. Start your own resume writing from scratch.  Use a template you like.

2. Proofread resume for grammar, spelling and factual errors by reading from the end in reverse order.

3. Use consistent font size including bullet sizes on your resume.  New trend is to skip the old Times fonts and get something more contemporary.  Don’t force the recruiter to squint to read the text.  Stick to an ASCII font.

4. Limit or avoid graphics completely.  Don’t add your photo or picture of your dog or any fancy images.  Recruiters will see your profile photo from LinkedIn or other social media.

5. Use upper case letters sparingly and only when appropriate.  Upper case is actually very hard to read and it doesn’t make what you are saying anymore important.

6. Include short term projects that were great learning experiences.  Remember to write team outcomes.

7. Bullets will make resumes easier to read.  Definitely large blocks of text don’t really fit with the scanning approach that the reader will take.

8. Avoid useless words like “responsibilities”, “responsibilities include” or “duties include.” Also you don’t have to label your email address with the word “email” anymore.

9. Volunteerism and community service really enhance a resume.  Sometimes, especially, for new grads or even career changers moving from one industry to the next. this is all you have.

10. Adjust margins if the resume is slightly too long. Don’t go less than .5 inch, but don’t leave a few lines hanging on another page either.

Find all 50 Tips for Resume Writing here in our blog!



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