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Resume Writing Tip – Grab the Recruiter’s Attention

The recruiter won’t go digging for great information on your resume.  You have to find a way to make them read it. Research says you have under 20 seconds to make an impression on paper.  If you want to impress the recruiters and hiring managers, pay attention to this resume writing tip – Make sure the top third of your resume is really strong.

Contact information for sure. 

Recruiters and hiring managers have to be able to find you.  It happens more often than you think that the contact information on a resume is out of date.  Especially, right after graduation when your campus address may be no longer valuable.  Keep emails and social media avatars professional.

Powerful summary of qualifications, career highlights or professional profile

It really doesn’t matter much what you call this introductory section of your resume. By the way, there this still some debate about this resume writing tip.  You will see some people who say that Resume Objectives are out of date for emerging professionals. I don’t agree. Whatever you call it, this section must be powerful and markets you – the total you!


If you are a new graduate or emerging professional or you have new and relevant training, this must show up early.  Don’t put it at the end of your resume.  The recruiter and hiring manager may not actually get there.

Accomplishments please

The top 30% of your resume is really just nothing without accomplishments.  Something telling what you have done – eg. 4 years of customer service experience, 15% growth in membership, managed budget in excess of $X amount.  Get the point?  Accomplishments mean something to a recruiter or hiring manager.  Don’t overlook this resume writing tip, if you really want some attention.

No errors. (can’t stress this one enough)

This resume writing tip is probably the one we see the most.  It is everywhere.  Despite that, we are human and we still make resume writing errors. More important than trying not to make errors, is getting someone to proof read your resume for you before you send it anywhere.

I write a lot about our mission to end resume fails.  In fact one of the hashtags we use at The HBCU Career Center all the time is #EndResumeFails.  We want to make sure job seekers don’t get discarded because of things that can easily be addressed.

Connect on our Instagram and find more resume writing tips with the #EndResumeFail hashtag.

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