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New Scholarships for HBCU Students to Study in China

HBCU students get scholarships to study in China1,000 Students To Receive A Free Ride to China: Will You Be One?

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed between the Chinese Government and the HBCU Pilot Network Leadership Team solidifying the creation of 1,000 opportunities for HBCU students to receive full scholarships to study in China. That’s right – FULL SCHOLARSHIPS – including room and board.  The number of scholarships for HBCU students to study in China will increase over the next 3 years.

Who is offering the scholarships?

The scholarships offered through the HBCU-Chinese University Collaboration Network will be offered between 2014 and 2017.  Beginning with an initial agreement of 25 Chinese Universities and 25 HBCU’s, students will be able to study in China for periods of 4 weeks and up to 2 years. Eventually, the partnership collaborations will increase to include as many as 50 Chinese Universities and 50 HBCU’s.

This announcement of these new scholarships for HBCU students to study in China comes at a critical time as the relevancy of HBCU’s has recently been called into question. This move not only acknowledges the credibility of HBCU’s and their students and graduates, but also reinforces the value of a global education and cultural immersion.

What can students study abroad in China?

Details of the disciplines and courses of study offered have not been released yet.  However, with China being a top contender (next to the U.S.) as the world’s leading economic power, the likelihood of there being an opportunity in your area of interest is high.

Learn more about the scholarships to study abroad in China

So, when you arrive back on campus at the start of the fall semester, be sure you visit your school’s study abroad office for details.  If your school doesn’t have a study abroad office, contact the office of your HBCU President, it is guaranteed he or she will know about the HBCU Chinese Collaboration Network. And, if your school isn’t included in the partnership just yet, don’t fret!  Take the initiative to advocate for it to be included. You never know where your efforts will land you! (Who knows, maybe China!)

For more information, visit the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

J.Renay Loper, Speaker and Writer about Studying AbroadJ.Renay Loper is a global education professional writer and speaker based in New York City. You can connect with her on LinkedIn or send questions on studying abroad to us at thehbcucareercenter@yahoo.com and we will make sure Ms. Loper gets your questions.

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