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5 Steps to Jump Start your Job Search Right Now

If you just graduated and haven’t landed your dream job yet, then I suspect yourjump start your job search job search should be in high gear right about now. If your job search is not yet picking up steam, here are 5 things to do today to jump start that job search right now.

1. Find the career center on your college campus!  Here are links to the HBCU career centers.  I guarantee you they are open this summer and there are plenty of ways to get help. Find out when they are open for walk-ins or appointments.  Which of the career center’s resources can you access on line?  Find the calendar and schedule career events such as job fairs, workshops and on-campus interviews.  If you are seriously want to jump start your job search, you must engage with the campus career center.

2. Start cleaning up any digital dirt that recruiters might be using to disqualify you as an applicant.  Check your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and make sure you have a positive image online.  New studies show 86% of recruiters are researching job applicants online.  Find more information on what employers want.

3. Create a LinkedIn account and begin to build your professional brand on line.  One sure way to get serious and jump start a job search is to put yourself out there and start making connections.  LinkedIn is an awesome way to do that.

4. Buy a copy of my new book Resume Guide; How to Look Good on Paper.  If you need answers to questions like – How do I handle a low GPA in the job search? Where are the weak spots on my resume? My book can help.  Write the resume send it to me and I will send you feedback.

5. Post your resume on a few job boards including the one used by your HBCU career center and the job and internship board at TheHBCUCareerCenter.

There are no guarantees in a job search.  To find success you need steady and consistent attention to job search best practices.

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