Job Search Tech Update

social media logosIt is impossible to conduct a successful job search strategy in 2015 without engaging technology. This job search tech update reminds all of us of some of the new ways we can use technology in a current job and career search.

Twitter, Facebook. LinkedIn, Instagram and Google +

In 2014 employers 73% of employers planned to invest more in social media recruiting strategies. No need to use all social media channels, but you must be represented on LinkedIn plus one or two others. Here are the ways that employers are connecting via social media according to social media survey:

LinkedIn 94%

Facebook 66%

Twitter 52%

Google + 21%

YouTube 15%

Niche job boards

Job boards are great way for recruiters to connect with candidates. Many companies, in fact, are developing their own career centers through their own company websites. For some employers, niche job boards like make even more sense, since jobseekers and employers can converge around a common interest. In the case of, employers can connect with job seekers in the vast diverse community of students, staff, alumni served by America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Websites about YOU

It is unbelievable that everyone and anyone can build a website to promote their own personal brand. Whether you are using do-it-yourself website service like or, or hosting your own branded site like, use it to capture who you are and what you have to offer.

SKYPE, Google Hangouts, Facetime

Recruiters are saving money and expanding their reach by screening candidates from diverse locations using job search technology like SKYPE, Google Hangouts and Facetime. There is a lot of advice on how to use these tools to meet employers virtually.




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