Job Interview Body Language Can Kill the Job Search

body language facesA UCLA study showed that up to 93% of communication effectiveness is determined by nonverbal cues. Author, Alton Barbour, writer of Louder Than Words: Nonverbal Communication, states that the impact of a message is 7% verbal, 38 % percent vocal ie. volume, pitch, rhythm, etc and 55% about body movement, mostly in the form of facial expressions.  That means that job interview body language is just as important as what you say.

If you are job hunting, you should know that hiring managers and interviewers spend a lot of time interpreting your job interview body language. Some interviewers are actually masters at the body-language game. They can spot the fear through hunched shoulders, rapid or really slow speech and they can spot disinterest in a job seeker’s slouch.

Common Job Interview Body Language No-No’s

– Not making eye contact with the recruiter or interviewer or looking only at one interviewer if you are in a panel interview.

– Weak handshake

– Slouching or hanging over the arm of the chair might tell your interviewer that you don’t really care. Maintaining an arrogant posture, leaning back in a matter-of-fact way might indicate some arrogance.

– Gesticulating wildly and relying on your hands to do all the talking. Resting your hands in your lap or on the arms of the chair is good.

– Fidgeting with tight or ill fitting clothing such as trying to close the gap between buttons on a tight blouse or pulling down uncomfortable pants.

– Scratching head, hair, skin or other body parts are a no-no.

These body language no-no’s can be a real turn off to recruiters in the job interview. The worse part is that the job seekers may not even be aware of how they are missing opportunities.

Job seekers should create a quick checklist with these and other points and practice the job interview with someone who will critique them honestly. Another way to check on your body language turn-offs is to set up a camera to record your movements. Work on eliminating any negative messages you might be transmitting through your body language.

Observe recruiter job interview body language

The body language communication works both ways.  Just as the interviewer is observing the applicant, so should the applicant be looking for body language cues from the interviewer.

-Is the panel interviewer at the end of the table falling asleep?

-Is anyone yawning from your stories?

-Is the interviewer texting under table?

-Are the recruiters working on other projects?

-Are they eating during the phone interview?

-Are they taking calls that they did not say would be coming in?

-Are they leaving in the middle of the interview, again without saying they would?

I have actually seen or heard of recruiters doing all these things in job interviews. Not only is this bad recruiter behavior, and rude to the job seeker, it is also very distracting to an already nervous candidate.

Body language cues work both ways.

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