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Job Fair Questions Job Seekers Should Ask

african american groupIf you are looking for a job then attending job fairs should be part of your job search strategy.  Although a job fair will only give you only a few minutes to speak with a recruiter, you can still make an impact as a good potential candidate. Do your research and in addition to answering questions asked by the recruiters, pick a few of these job fair questions to ask about the company, the industry or the job at the career fair.

About the Industry

• What should I really know about succeeding in this industry before I apply for a job or begin a career?

• What professional associations would you recommend to someone pursuing jobs in this industry?

• Can you recommend periodicals and journals you think would be important for new professionals in this field?

• What skills do you think are the now most important in building a successful career in this field?

• Where can I find out more about career paths in your industry?

• What advice would you give to someone trying to break into this field?

About the Company

• I am interested in your company because (fill in the blank). Can you offer me suggestions on how I can successfully apply to your organization?

• Can you tell me what types of skills and experience your company looks for in new graduates, interns or experienced professional?

• Can you describe a typical (entry-level, accounting etc.) position in your company for which I might qualify?

• What kinds of training programs does your company have set up for new employees?

• What do you like most about working for your company?

About the Job

• Can you tell me more about the (mention a specific position) mentioned on your website?

• What kinds of professional development activities do you plan for your new hires?

• I am interested in (blank), who in your company would you suggest that I contact?

• May I leave my resume with you?

• How should I follow up with you?

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