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Interview Tips for College Students this Fall

Here are 10 job interview tips for HBCU students looking for jobs this fall. (Additional interview preparation tips are available here also in the college resume/interview FAQs).

1. Visit the career center at your university and ask for a list of sample interview questions or any handouts they have on interviews. Also sign up for a “mock interview” where employers will help you improve your skills.

2. Visit the company website and do some research about the job. Ask anyone you know who may already work with the company.

3. Practice your answers to interview questions before the interview.

4. Prepare interview attire and avoid wardrobe malfunctions. We know you are a college student, but how you dress for the interview will say a lot about you. You should know that regardless of what the interviewer says, they are paying attention. If it comes down to a choice between you and another candidate, the better dressed candidate will often get the job offer.

5. Arrive early for the job interview. Bring pen, paper and a copy of your resume on clean resume paper if you have it. If you have good white paper then use that.

6. Be polite with EVERYONE you meet at the interview site. This includes everyone from the parking attendant to the secretary and other workers.

7. Speak clearly during the job interview and be positive with your body language. Don’t slouch in your chair.

8. Prepare some questions for the interviewer. Write these questions down before the job interview.

9. Have names and contact information for personal references to complete a job application. Answer the questions on the job application completely and truthfully – it is a legal document. Your resume is not, but the job application is!

10. Be sure to follow-up after your interview with a thank you note. Most hiring managers feel that an email is a good way to do that. Keep it business professional and do not write using texting or IM lingo!

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