Interview Like a P.R.O

We developed the Interview Like a P.R.O  technique over a decade ago. We have trained and coached many groups and individual job seekers to use this interview strategy.

This simple, but specific, effective and focused technique has worked for many, many people. The HBCU Career Center does one-on-one consultations to teach the Interview Like a P.R.O. to both career coaches and individual job seekers.

Upcoming Workshops

We host monthly Interview Like a P.R.O workshops that are free for the HBCU Community. Register for one of our upcoming sessions below.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Why the Interview Like a P.R.O technique?

The basic rationale behind why the Interview Like a P.R.O technique works are as follows:

  • Past behavior is a pretty good predictor of future behavior
  • Interviewing well is all about storytelling
  • What you share must convey specific and relevant information

Will Coaching Help?

Once you have mastered the Interview Like a P.R.O technique you will be able to master what I call the 3 C’s of Successful Interviewing – Using great Communication skills to speak with Confidence about your Competencies!

Coaching on this technique will help you to:

  • Successfully prepare for every interview
  • Know when you have answered the interview question
  • Predict the interview questions that you will be asked
  • Identify the most appropriate stories to use for the interview
  • Articulate clearly your role and responsibilities
  • Develop an orientation to speaking about outcomes
  • Research and identify what employers are looking for in interviews

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