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How to Land a Holiday Retail Job

One job search tip to keep in mind if you are trying to land a holiday retail job: Many employers complain each year that students apply for holiday retail jobs this time of year when they go back to college and then leave those jobs when the employer needs them most. We understand that many students go home for the holidays, leaving the employer with a short staffed at a critical time. Be conscientious about this and understand that your college could lose a good reputation with nearby big employers.

Having said that, employers still want to meet college students looking for holiday retail jobs. Here are some job search tips for landing a holiday retail job this year:

1. Set expectations. Know what they are getting into when you apply for a holiday retail job and set realistic expectations about your availability and your commitment. Remember – do not compromise on your grades.

2. Prepare. Understand the job search process and get tips on resume writing, job application and interviewing from your campus career center.

3. Spread the word. Many college students land holiday retail jobs through networking. College students should tell each other if they know where retail jobs open up for the holiday. Be careful who you recommend though, since your rep is on the line too.

4. Consider options. Students shouldn’t limit themselves to the dream job just yet. Keep in mind that even though it is a holiday retail, part-time job you are still learning how to be a professional and future employers will still value this experience.

5. Use good communication skills and be courteous throughout the entire retail holiday job search.

6. Figure out the basics. How will you get to work? Walk, car-pool or take the bus? Think about the pros and cons of each.

Think also about how you will present yourself at work? Do you have the right attire or the right skills? Is a holiday retail job the place for you?
One of the keys to success is to really find something you like. If you like books, look for holiday retail job in a bookstore. If you like electronics consider, big box retailers or certain departments in a department store.
Do you have any tips for landing the perfect retail holiday job? Share them here!

I am sure your HBCU’s career center has information to help you address any or all of these issues.
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