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How to Finance Study Abroad

study abroadMore colleges are coordinating study abroad programs to increase students’ awareness of other cultures and broaden their exposure. Some college students might be thinking that it is impossible to finance a study abroad experience. If college students commit to doing the research and getting creative there are many ways to finance a study abroad trip.

Self-fund your study abroad experience

This is a no-brainer. College students save for cars and spring break vacations why not save to finance a study abroad experience? Saving money from a part time job is not the only way to self fund. How about holding yard sales in the spring if you live at home, sell things on Craig’s list or eBay, or write a sponsor letter to members of a community organization to which you or your family belongs such as your church. Members who know your intention through a well drafted letter might be willing to help you finance a study abroad experience.

Finance study abroad through financial aid or tuition scholarship

Have tuition, will travel! The Forum on Education Abroad, an association of study abroad program providers and colleges based at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania states that 74 %t of colleges will let students apply their need-based institutional aid to finance study abroad programs that are run by the colleges themselves.

Finance study abroad through scholarships and grants

Civic organizations like the Rotary Clubs of America, sponsor college students who want to travel and study abroad every year. The Rotary Ambassadors program is a great way to finance study abroad for college students willing to go through the selection process. College students who want to finance study abroad through a scholarship of a grant need to plan ahead. The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship is another great option to finance a study abroad experience.

Finance study abroad through group fundraisers

If the trips are organized by college groups, a fundraiser is a good way to finance study abroad. College students can raise funds from events including fashion shows to book signings to concerts. Pooling efforts could be a major advantage.

Finance study abroad by visiting family overseas

Another creative way to finance study abroad experiences is for college students to visit family members living in a foreign country. The world is increasingly a true global village and it is very possible to have relatives overseas with whom a college student could live while participating in a local program on a foreign college campus or doing an internship.

College students should know also that employers value candidates who study abroad and so it is well worth the research and time to save.

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