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HBCU International Students Networking Tips

HBCU International StudentsThere are many international students enrolled at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Students come from all over the world to attend colleges in the US and many actually choose HBCU’s for competitive academic programs.

 Latest data on HBCU International students:

  • HBCU’s with certification to admit international students: 98 of 105
  • Number of international students enrolled at HBCU’s: 8,327 (2014)
  • Top 5 countries of origin for HBCU international students: Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, India, Bahamas and Jamaica

Read the 2014 Full Report on HBCU’s and International Students from the US Department of State, Homeland Security and the US Department of Education.

I know the job search and internship search angst of international students, first hand.   I have many family members who have been international students on HBCU campuses and have worked with many foreign students through four career centers.

That’s why I was so happy to find this article at XN Blog with tips to network throughout college. Please read the full article titled: Networking Tips for Every Stage of an International College Student’s Journey. The article offers tips to do the following:

Freshman Year: Diversify your network and don’t just hang out with the folks who came from your home country or region.

Sophomore Year: Intellectualize your network by choosing your major wisely and making connections with professors and mentors in your subject area.

Junior Year: Professionalize your network as you look for internships and co-ops. Get advice from seniors who might have been through that job search before. Also work with the career center and participate in on-campus interviews.

Senior Year: Legalize your network if you plan to stay in the US or to get connected for your OPT experience. Seek the best resources for advice as you make critical life impacting decisions.

Please read the full article at Northwestern University and share with other international students.

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