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Ten Rules for Career Success

I found this really wecareer successll thought out list of the 10 Rules of Success to help professionals grow in their careers. The list was developed by Folarin Longe, founder of Human Edge Limited, a human resources consulting and staffing services firm based in Lagos, Nigeria.

I think the list is appropriate for those of us who are working in an increasingly global environment.  Longe’s list can help professionals answer the proverbial question, “what does it take to get ahead around here?”

This is the kind of question that a someone in any new work environment or a new grads should be asking after they settle into their routine assignments in their first year on the job.

Will these 10 rules apply in every work environment? I think so.

Are there other factors that could be specific to your organization? Yes. For example, you might find that moving ahead in your specific company might require special attention to networking with senior managers or negotiating political mine fields.

10 Rules for Career Success

Try to apply Longe’s 10 rules for career success, plus any other specific rules unique to life at your office.

Rule #1 – Be a constant learner and absorb formal and informal training

Rule #2 – Be humble. You might be surprised at the source of new ideas

Rule #3 – Be Pro-Active. Take responsibility for your own growth and development

Rule #4 – Develop a “Hardy Attitude” and be willing to take as much as you give

Rule #5 – Be friendly yet professional

Rule #6 – Be hardworking, enthusiastic and passionate

Rule #7 – Recognize the commercial imperative

Rule #8 – Be exceptionally good at something

Rule #9 – Develop good interpersonal skills

Rule #10 – It’s ok to be ambitious

Longe goes in depth with each of these 10 rules of success and I encourage you to check out the complete article for more insight into one or more of these rules.

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