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Diversity and Inclusion Works

Diversity and Inclusion Works!

Employers seek to hire thousands of new diverse college graduates every year.  They also actively recruit experienced, talented professionals across all industries to meet organizational goals.

In some cases, employers work directly with career centers through career and employer relations programs to hire HBCU graduates.  However, career center budgets and limited staff availability often restricts small colleges from having custom job boards, hosting job fairs or doing on-campus recruiting.  Given that employers are looking for a ROI on their recruiting dollars, many prefer to go where they can meet the largest targeted audience possible.

In a tight labor market where there is severe competition for skilled labor, The HBCU Career Center offers an opportunity to help employers connect with this broad diverse audience of professionals through our job and internship boards, and affiliated network sites.

There are lots of services out there, but none that has remained consistent with the ONLY goal of helping employers connect with a broad diverse community of professionals who are invested in their own career success.

Since TheHBCUCareerCenter.com is the #1 provider of career and job search helper information for the diverse students, alumni and staff, it made sense to offer a resource to help employers meet and hire diverse graduates.

How we can help!

If your company is seeking to expand your reach into a pool of diverse candidates consider the following options:

    • Post jobs on The HBCU Career Center job board and post internships opportunities at The HBCU Intern board.   Through our robust and comprehensive job board, employers can get broad distribution of job announcements through our diversity network partnerships.
    • Explore our package offerings including Featured Employer services, Banners, Job Flash Packages, Network Postings or Bulk Postings.  These services allow for additional exposure on the home page of our job and internship boards.
    • Specific promotional graphics on our social media sites which includes:  34k Facebook fans, 10k Twitter followers, 1750 members in a LinkedIn group and 1800 Instagram followers.
    • Use a 15% discount for nonprofits, government agencies and educational institutions by using the Coupon Code 95329977 at checkout. It is available on all products.
    • Contact career centers directly on the HBCU campus to target students and grads in specific programs.  You can see a full list of HBCU Career Centers here and you can find information on HBCU Career Center services in our most recent survey.
    • Contact Dr. Robinson at mrobin@thehbcucareercenter.com regarding sponsorship of newsletter, blog posts or information pages.
    • Repost of featured jobs in The HBCU Career Center LinkedIn group which at almost 2000 participants, is the largest HBCU group on that social media platform.

As a HR professional who spent 10+ years in leadership roles in career centers, I understand the challenges inherent in finding and retaining talent in today’s economy.

We look forward to working with you to meet your recruiting goals!

Best Regards,

Dr. Marcia F. Robinson MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP


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    Your company can be showcased as a Featured Employer on our site! Your 30 day job posting will be featured on our job board home page, and your organization will be in the spotlight as a Featured Employer across The HBCU Career Center social media footprint.

    • Our only mission at The HBCU Career Center is to be an advocate for America's diverse and often underrepresented professionals seeking career and professional success.
    • If you share our vision for diverse, inclusive workplaces and would like to connect with the diverse talent from America’s 105 Historically Black Colleges and Universities, then consider becoming a Featured Employer on our site.
    • Contact Dr. Robinson at mrobin@thehbcucareercenter.com to discuss features such as banners, newsletter or career article sponsorship.