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Dress for Success

AA woman dressStudents hear it all the time, but it bears repeating – first impressions count and you have to dress for success.

Have you heard the expression: “Don’t judge a book by its cover?”  Well, employers, interviewers, recruiters and hiring managers judge people everyday based on first impression.  In a professional setting, how you dress is part of that first impress. So whether you are going to a job interview, career fair, or other networking event, place some emphasis on making a great first impression.  Plan to dress for success!

Our philosophy at The HBCU Career Center is that researching the company and knowing the industry’s acceptable dress standards is important to decide how you will dress for that important interview or meeting. As a general rule, more conservative attire will go over better than more flashy attire.

1. Your attire communicates how seriously you are about the job interview

2. Your dress shows you are well prepared and that you take the job search process seriously

3. You’ve done your research and know what the company is all about

4. You will be a good fit for the culture of the company

  • Although we shouldn’t have to say it; please shower and be clean for your job interview.
  • If you are travelling to your job interview think about what your clothes will look like when you arrive
  • Clothes should be crisp, pressed and ironed, and freshly cleaned
  • Invest in a lint roller brush
  • Focus on quality attire when you dress for success
  • Do thrift store shopping to find classic pieces at lower costs
  • Invest in dry cleaning services to prepare your clothes for interviews
  • Use college resources to pull together a business professional wardrobe
  • Do layaway or ask for retail gift cards for graduation gifts
  • Interview dress is not just about the suit, think about accessories like shoes, purses, jewelry and professional portfolios.
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