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Company Research in 3 Easy Steps

company research HR professionals say it all the time and I share it all the time: Do your company research before you go into the job interview. Some research says that if you spend just 15 minutes on the company’s website before a job interview, you will learn enough to do well in the job interview. Now with all the information available via social media, why do so many recruiters complain that job seekers are still walking into job interviews without doing any company research?

Most experienced recruiters can tell the difference between job seekers who have prepared by doing company research and those who have done no company research and plan to wing it.

All of us are guilty of not preparing sometimes. Remember walking into an exam without studying? Well going to the job interview without doing company research is the same thing. However, unlike back in college, where there might be make-up exam, there are no do overs for job interviews.

Here are three basic steps to help job seekers who are failing Company Research 101. Information uncovered while doing company research should guide your answers to questions in a job interview. If a job seeker is not doing this very basic level of company research, their answers in the job interview will reflect it. It will show a lack of attention to relevant details, no interest in the company and no passion for success with the company. Why should they hire you if that is the case?

Step 1 Company Research: Read the Job Announcement Carefully.

What is the job title?
What knowledge, skills and abilities are important to the company?
What type of training and education does the job require?
What are the duties and responsibilities?

Step 2 Company Research: Learn About the Company Basics.

What are the company’s products and services?
What is the company’s organizational structure and where does this position fit?
What is the company’s market share? Who are the competitors?
Who are the people in charge?

Step 3 Company Research: Learn more about company culture.

Social media can give you good insights here. They are researching you, so you should be researching them too.

How is the company a good fit for you?

Does the company values align with yours?
Could you support and be proud of the company’s mission?
Are there training opportunities and room for growth?
Would you feel good about working for that company?

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