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LeadershipStart Here!

HBCU campuses like all other college campuses have a LOT (sometimes overwhelming) number of groups and campus clubs where members get involved and build leadership skills.

From Greek, ROTC, Royal Courts and Intramural Sports, there is something for everyone.  Get involved!

Year after year, employers cite key Career Readiness Competencies that they are looking for in new college graduates.  This list is evolving as the future of work unfolds and for 2019 the average rating (out of 5) given for each important competence are as follows.

  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving – 4.7
  • Teamwork/Collaboration – 4.5
  • Professionalism/Work Ethic – 4.4
  • Oral/Written Communications – 4.3
  • Digital Technology – 3.8
  • Leadership – 3.7
  • Career Management – 3.4
  • lobal/Multicultural Fluency – 2.8

For graduates to be career ready on program completion, these competencies must be developed as students progress through college.  Students MUST stay actively involved to develop these skills and one way to that is through campus clubs and organization involvement.

Regardless of where you go to college, here are some places to find resources on your own college campus where involvement will build career ready skills.  These lists are just examples of where to look on your own campus.  If you don’t find a group you like on your campus, then start one!

Campus Student Life Organizations

Look for campus organizations like the examples listed below:

Multicultural Campus Groups

Look for multicultural programming on your campuses like the examples below.

Academic Clubs on Campus

College Chapters of National Professional Associations

On some campuses, there are even collaborative relationships between HBCUs and other colleges through professional organizations.  Some examples include:

  • National Society for Black Engineers (NSBE): Chapter collaboration between Florida A & M University (a HBCU) and Florida State University, both located in Tallahassee, Fl. Annual student membership is $15.00.
  • National Association of Black Accountants (NABA): This organization has student chapters on many non-HBCU campuses.  The organization hosts many professional conferences annually for both students and alumni.  This organization has 200,000 African American members.  Annual student membership is $35.00.
  • National Association of African Americans in Human Resources: (NAAAHR) This is a national organizations for human resources professionals.  Annual student membership for $30 per year is encouraged.
  • National Black MBA Association: This is a professional organization with local chapters in almost every major city.  African Americans who hold a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) are members of this association.  Student membership fees range from $15 to $45 annually.
  • National Black Nurses Association: This organization was founded almost 50 years ago, has membership of 150,000+ African American nurses in the United States, Caribbean and Africa.  Annual membership fee for students is $50.00.
  • National Association of Black Journalists: A professional organization for African Americans working in print, radio, television, new media and related areas.  This organization was founded in 1975 and has annual membership for high school through graduate students for $40.00 annually.


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