College Majors in Demand

need a jobThe National Association of Colleges and Employers survey shows that almost 100% of those employers surveyed planned to hire new graduates coming out of the class of 2017.

Which College Majors in Demand from Class of 2017?

The list below shows the percentage of responding employers looking for these specific college majors in demand.

  • Engineering 75.9%
  • Business 72.3%
  • Computer Sciences 64.3%
  • Accounting 57.1%
  • Economics 28.6%
  • Misc. Majors 21.4%
  • Physical Sciences 20.5%
  • Communications 17.9%
  • Social Sciences 14.3%
  • Humanities 11.6%
  • Agriculture 4.5%
  • Education 1.8%
  • Health Sciences 1.8%

What this means for you?

None of this means that you run out and change your college major to one you think employers are demanding.

What it does mean is that your job search as a new graduate must involve very specific job search strategies to identify positions that are right for you.  Use these resources to expand your career and industry awareness.

Look for industries that are growing and where job growth is expected.

Try to think more about careers and industry instead of “finding a job in my major.”  For example, you might not see allied health majors on the list, but it does not mean that the healthcare industry isn’t booming and there won’t be opportunities for you.

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