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Career Services Faculty Partnerships

left-articleWhy should there be well established career services faculty partnerships on college campuses?  Because both groups of professionals are, in most cases,  deeply committed to student success. Working together, faculty and HBCU career center staff support successful transitions for undergraduate or graduate students into the workforce.  Here are a few examples of career services and faculty partnerships that could work to support students.

Career Services and Faculty Partnerships

  • Faculty can invite career center staff to conduct workshops during classes. If faculty have to be absent from campus, instead of cancelling class invite career center staff to meet with the class.
  • Faculty can encourage students with extra credit assignments to participate in career center activities such as career and internship fairs or career workshops.
  • Make faculty research interests known to career services staff who can facilitate connections with potential industry partners.
  • Faculty should be open to hosting industry professionals in the classroom. Employers are impressed by college career centers who have good partnerships with faculty.
  • Refer students to the career center for the latest, current and relevant information on how students transition successfully.
  • Faculty and staff should encourage conversations with students about their future goals. Not all college undergrads want to go to graduate schools.  Refer students directly to career services staff.
  • Faculty and staff must be able to speak about industry employment trends with students as well.  Career services often have access to industry data impacting employment.
  • Identify alumni and employers who want to come to campus and present in seminars or participate in career center activities such as On-Campus-Recruiting.
  • Work with career centers to develop graduate school resources for students.

Career Resources for Faculty and Staff :

The HBCU Career Center is committed to the principle that faculty and staff who are committed to their own personal professional development are better able to assist students reach their goals.

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