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Career Development Model

After years of working with college students, new grads and emerging professionals, I developed this 5-Point Career Development Model to make it easy to have conversations with diverse students about career planning.  We believe it works really well to help career center staff work with college students on where they are, how to develop their goals and what they need to work on to prepare for life beyond college.  Using the 5 points in this model will help to ensure students cover all the basics.  It isn’t necessary to use these 5 points in any particular order.  Find out where you need to improve and jump in!

Point #1 – Personal Exploration

Career assessment tools help you explore what I call your V.I.S.A – Values, Interests, Skills and Abilities.  These are some of the important factors that will influence your life and career choices. The more you know about these factors, the better you will be able to evaluate career options and make decisions. Use the Personal Exploration Links here for free or low cost career assessments and discuss the results with your career center. These are by no means the only tools available.  Some of the other popular tools are Focus, Sigi, eDiscover and the Strong Interest Inventory.

Kiersey Temperament Sorter

Jung Typology Test

VALUES Worksheet – UC San Diego


Fergusons Workplace Skills

Point #2 – Expand Career and Industry Awareness

Expanding your knowledge and awareness of careers and industries is a must for anyone looking to find their place in the current workplace.  This research is how you will know  which skills and competencies are currently in demand and which skills will be in demand in the future. Use the Career and Industry Awareness links to research careers and companies.

ONET Online – Department of Labor occupational information

Hoovers – Comprehensive business database

Wall Street Journal – News source for latest company information

Salary.com  and Payscale.com – Salary information databases

InsideJobs.com – Easy to read descriptions of jobs and careers

Rutgers University Library – Business information database

Careersinfonet.org – List of professional certifications

Career One Stop – Explore careers

Point #3 – Create and Manage a Personal Brand

Everyone must take ownership of their own career plans and personal brand. New graduates and emerging professionals must definitely understand how to become the kind of professional that the labor market needs. Resumes, communication skills, interviewing skills, networking, social media and personal image management are all critical to building a personal brand.

50 Resume writing tips to improve what you have

Interview Like a P.R.O.

25 Twitter Pages Diverse Students and New Grads Should Follow for Career Success

Point #4 – Gain Experience

Experiencing meaningful, non-trivial professional experiences is a major part of ca success career strategy and impacts your longer term career satisfaction.  Experience while in college will come through work, internships, co-ops, field experiences, volunteer opportunities and even study-abroad. Explore the college campus for the departments that organize these types of activities.  It is possible to have a competitive resume with significant experience even before you graduate.

The HBCU Career Center niche job board

2015 List of some of my Favorite Internships

Lutheran Volunteer Corps – Global volunteer opportunities for students

Mercy Volunteers – Transform lives and perspectives throughout the world

Study Abroad Resources

Point #5 – Life After College

Emerging professionals and new alumni must develop plans for successful transitions to life after college. No one expects you to miss out on the fun of pre-graduation experiences, but I will tell you that the grads who transition successfully, do a little bit of planning and thinking ahead.  The resources here will help with Graduate School,  finding success in the first years on the job and just basically increasing knowledge of the world around you.

HBCU Money

Grad School Resources – Make decisions about grad school

First Generation White Collar – Money management skills

Black Collegian – Great resource for career information

25 Twitter Pages for Diverse Students Seeking Career Success

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Email us at thehbcucareercenter@yahoo.com with additional resource links. Thanks to the HBCU students, alumni and staff who have already submitted links to the free (or low cost) resources listed here. Question about a resource here? ASK Us.

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