Business Skills New Grads Need

customer serviceEmployers shared concerns about business skills new grads need in recent CareerBuilder and survey.   The survey pointed to 6 business skills area where new grads show a lack of preparation.

Employers share the business skills new grads need

Below is a list of the business skills new grads need and the percentage of employers who feel that new grads need more training in these areas:

Customer service (41 %)

Public relations/communications (22 %)

Business development (21 %)

Sales (21 %)

General office functions (20 %)

Information Technology (18 %)

Knowing employers have concerns about a lack of business skills in these areas should help new grads think ahead about how to demonstrate knowledge in these areas.  Any job seeker preparing to launch a job search should definitely have resume and job interview strategy to demonstrate experience in these areas.

Read the full article here.

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