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Why Meet Employers at the Career Center?

career centerMost HBCU college students, just like all other college students, miss opportunities to meet employers in their college career centers during the fall on-campus recruiting season.

Many college students are just not aware that the fall semester is probably the busiest time in a college career center with employers interviewing students for college internship programs and entry level careers after graduation.

Too many college students only make the mistake of attending employer events only when they actually want to be hired. That may be too late if the competition has already met hiring managers at previous career center campus events.

Here is how and why you want to meet employers in your college career center this fall:


College students can attend employer events between classes. Taking a quick walk across campus to spend 15 minutes with a hiring manager in the college career center is a good way to meet potential employers.

2.Stress free meeting.

Meet with recruiters, employers or hiring managers at information tables or during a classroom visits before you have to meet them at the on-campus job interview.

3. Demonstrate your positive “go-getter” attitude.

Employers are impressed by students who know about their campus visits and show up if even for a few minutes between classes to make a networking connection. Don’t be shy. Employers come to college campuses to meet students —not necessarily to hang out with career center staff. Believe me, many students will know of the employers’ visit, but not think it important enough to be there. You can stand out from the crowd, especially in a tough job market.

4.Branding your campus.

To keep your preferred employers coming back to your college campus, students must show up to employer events. If employers experience low attendance of college students for events, they may drop your school or academic major from their recruiting schedule completely. Attend career center events to keep employers interested in your campus so that when you are ready to graduate—they will still be there.

5. Get feedback on job search strategy.

If you will be looking for career employment or summer internships next year, and want some free career advice on to improve job search strategy, stop by and meet recruiters who can help with college resumes and job interview preparation. You can learn a lot about what employers want when they visit your college campus.

Whether you are a college freshman, sophomore, junior or senior the HBCU career center is counting on your response to employer visits. Always remember to thank employers for coming to your campus, invite them back and ask about how you can keep in touch with them.

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Does Double Major in College = Double Trouble?

Is there real value in having a double major in college?double major

Does having a double major in college give you an advantage when job hunting in a competitive market? Many college students have a second major because they believe it will positively affect a job search strategy. The truth is – not necessarily.

I have yet to meet an employer who was not more impressed with someone who performed well in one major compared to someone who was mediocre in both.

Here are some great and not so great reasons to attempt a double major in college.

Consider a double major if you:
1. Enjoy both subjects or disciplines
2. Are a hard worker and can maintain a good GPA in both areas
3. See a logical connection between both disciplines and can articulate same
4. Need to add some depth to your resume

Do NOT consider a double major in college just because:

1. Your friend, girlfriend, boyfriend is in that college major
2. Others say the major is easy
3. Professors in that major are said to be cooler than in your major
4. You heard that people graduating from that major get paid more
5. Your family member is in that major and they think it should be good for you too
6. College graduation is approaching and you don’t feel “ready” and think you should stay in school for a couple more years. (This actually happens a lot more than you would think).

Read more –
Fastweb.com Double Majors do Double Duty
CollegeTips Double Major in College
No More Triple Majors Please by Brazen Careerist

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What Does your Online Persona Say About YOU?

online personaCareerBuilder.com surveys consistently show that employers are increasingly researching job seekers online before making hiring decisions. Employers are definitely using Social Networking sites to research job seekers.  What would your online persona say about you?

“Hiring managers are using the Internet to get a more well-rounded view of job candidates in terms of their skills, accomplishments and overall fit within the company,” said Rosemary Haefner, Vice President of Human Resources at CareerBuilder.com.

Here are some job search tips from the latest CareerBuilder survey to help job seekers create a positive online persona, an effective job search strategy and sell their brand.

1) Clean up digital dirt. Make sure to remove pictures, content and links that can send the wrong message to a potential employer before you start your job search.

2) Update your profile regularly. Make sure to include specific accomplishments, inside and outside of work.

3) Monitor comments. Since you can’t control what other people say on your site, you may want to use the “block comments” feature.

4) Join groups selectively. While joining a group with a fun or silly name may seem harmless, “Party Monsters R Us” may not give the best impression to a hiring manager. Also be selective about who you accept as “friends.”

5) Go private. Consider setting your profile to “private,” so only designated friends can view it.

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Ten Rules for Career Success

I found this really wecareer successll thought out list of the 10 Rules of Success to help professionals grow in their careers. The list was developed by Folarin Longe, founder of Human Edge Limited, a human resources consulting and staffing services firm based in Lagos, Nigeria.

I think the list is appropriate for those of us who are working in an increasingly global environment.  Longe’s list can help professionals answer the proverbial question, “what does it take to get ahead around here?”

This is the kind of question that a someone in any new work environment or a new grads should be asking after they settle into their routine assignments in their first year on the job.

Will these 10 rules apply in every work environment? I think so.

Are there other factors that could be specific to your organization? Yes. For example, you might find that moving ahead in your specific company might require special attention to networking with senior managers or negotiating political mine fields.

10 Rules for Career Success

Try to apply Longe’s 10 rules for career success, plus any other specific rules unique to life at your office.

Rule #1 – Be a constant learner and absorb formal and informal training

Rule #2 – Be humble. You might be surprised at the source of new ideas

Rule #3 – Be Pro-Active. Take responsibility for your own growth and development

Rule #4 – Develop a “Hardy Attitude” and be willing to take as much as you give

Rule #5 – Be friendly yet professional

Rule #6 – Be hardworking, enthusiastic and passionate

Rule #7 – Recognize the commercial imperative

Rule #8 – Be exceptionally good at something

Rule #9 – Develop good interpersonal skills

Rule #10 – It’s ok to be ambitious

Longe goes in depth with each of these 10 rules of success and I encourage you to check out the complete article for more insight into one or more of these rules.

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Read Job Postings Carefully!

read job postingsToo many job seekers get really attached to position titles and overlook the actual work, tasks and assignments involved in a particular job.  Don’t make this mistake.  Look past the job titles and read job postings carefully.

As you read the job postings, you should be thinking about the skills and behaviors you have compared to what the employer wants.

Some tips for reading job postings:

1. Look for a match between the skills and experience you have and the skills and experience required in the job posting.

2. Remember that skills are transferable from one industry to the next or from one job to the next.

3. Keep in mind that statistics show that about 80% of the people who get hired only have about 60% of the skills listed in the job description.  You don’t have to already have your experience doing exactly the same work.

4. Job postings are just as full of keywords as your resume should be.  Sometimes you have to read between the lines since the postings are written for the web, with SEO goals in mind.  After all the employer wants to make sure you find their job posting, just as much as you want them to find your resume.

5. Read between the lines and think about the “success behaviors” behind the job description.  Plan to showcase these behaviors in your resume and explain them as you sell your brand in the job interview.

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Start a Business in College

Bennett College Start a BusinessDid you ever think of owning your own business? Teenagers and college students do it all the time.  Many of our young entrepreneurs actually got to start a business in college.  If you attend one of America’s Historically Black Colleges or Universities (HBCU), you might be able to take advantage of entrepreneurship centers on campus.

Five HBCU’s that currently have Entrepreneurship or Small Business centers include:

Cheyney University of Pennsylvania – Entrepreneurial Leadership Center

Bennett College for Women – Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

Morehouse College – Entrepreneurship Center

Howard University – Small Business Development Center

Morgan State University – Center for Entrepreneurship Studies

Many of these centers offer business plan competitions, summer boot camps or even lecture series with well known entrepreneurs as guest speakers.  All these programs help students and members of the broader community who might want to start a business.

In addition to these schools, here are a few other resources for students who want to start a business.

1. Junior Achievements
Great resource created through a partnership between educators and businesses. Read bios of successful teen entrepreneurs, watch videos and find Junior Achievement offices near you.

2. US Small Business Administration – Youth Entrepreneurship
Use checklists to find out if your business ideas are solid and will work. Learn more about managing the financial and legal aspects of a business and find a terrific list of resources they call “Business Buddies”.

3. Young Entrepreneurs of America
A non profit organization established to help young entrepreneurs make their ideas a reality.

Read more about the personal character traits of successful entrepreneurs. Start your research now and spend your summer growing your client list.

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