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Black Teen Unemployment Rates at 22.9%

Teens at WorkThe US Department of Labor released the employment numbers for December 2017.  The December jobs report showed 148,000 new jobs and unemployment rate of 4.1%, which is the lowest in 17 years.

Although the numbers are good overall, it is concerning that the unemployment rate among African American teens stands at 22.9%.  Gallup data shows that young black males as a group also have higher unemployment, lower graduation rates, less access to healthcare and higher incarceration rates than other racial, age and gender groups in the U.S.  A college degree is often cited as the rationale for the differences among adults, but the gaps in teen unemployment requires more explanation and attention.

Below is a breakdown of the employment data for December.

WHITES – 3.7% overall

Adult men (20 years or over) overall 3.4 %

Adult women (20 years or over) overall 3.4%

Teenagers (16 – 19 years) 12.3 %

BLACKS – 6.8% overall

Adult men (20 years or over) overall 6.6 %

Adult women (20 years or over) overall 5.8 %

Teenagers (16 – 19 years) 22.9 %

HISPANICS – 4.9% overall

Adult men (20 years or over) overall 3.8 %

Adult women (20 years or over) overall 5.3 %

Teenagers (16 – 19 years) 15.4 %

The number of long term unemployed, (those unemployed beyond 27 weeks) remained unchanged at 1.5 million representing about 23% of the unemployed.


Unemployment rates for persons 25 years of age or older by educational level:

Less than High School – 6.3%

High School graduate with no college – 4.2%

Some college or Associate degree – 3.6%

Bachelor’s degree or higher – 2.1%

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