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    • 7 Ways to Shine in Your Internship

      College students who do internships get more job offers after graduation.

    • 60 Minute Resume Challenge!

      Proofread your resume before you add to our job board.

    • A Simple Assignment Improves Job Search

      You've come too far to not be prepared for this next step.

    • 3 Career Myths that Could Stall Your Career

      If you ever feel stuck in a job or career consider which myths might be holding you back.

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    • Dr. Marcia F. Robinson
      Founder, The HBCU Career Center

      Founded in 2007 as a blog for students and professionals left out of the expensive career management market, The HBCU Career Center continues to grow by addressing and educating around emerging workforce realities, challenges and opportunities.

      We continue to support the career and professional goals of students, alumni and the broader HBCU community through providing professional development resources, job and internship boards and connecting employers with talent.