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Desperate Job Search Strategies for New Grads

job searchIf you are one of the new grads out there who has not yet found a job, there are still plenty or career options for you. You have to remember that job search success requires that you be prepared, be flexible and be willing to “pound the pavement” so to speak. Rather than panic, new grads should explore these desperate job search strategies.

1. Check in with your campus career center. 98% of HBCU career centers work with alumni.  Career center staff are still working hard all summer to help companies hire new graduates. If nothing else, have one of the career advisors take a look at your resume.

2. Stay confident in the job search. Sounds simple enough.  But rather than panic and get flustered, stay confident and positive.   Might sound desperate, but you have to find a way to stay calm during the job search.

3. You still only get one chance to make a good first impression. Dress appropriately and more conservatively than you have done in the past. There will be plenty of time to bring personal style to the job once you get hired.  Take your interview attire down a peg.

4. Make a list of everyone you know and start reaching out to them.  Tell them you don’t have a job, but you are looking.  You would be amazed at how willing people are to help.

5. Think about short term opportunities and land something in a good company which could lead to a better career opportunity.

6. Look where you are.  If you are Hospitality major and already have a great job at a restaurant with a national brand why are you leaving? Talk to managers about transitioning into a Manager Trainee rolew. Don’t just walk away from a job if you are already in the industry.

7. Get connected with a staffing firm and have a recruiter advocate for you during your job search.  Many companies hire temporary staff, before they make permanent offers.

8. In addition to your online job search – create an “on-land” job search strategy. Get up from behind your computer and go meet employers at networking events, meet-ups, job fairs and open houses etc.

Embrace these job search tips and your next interview could be the step to your first year on the job!

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