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6 Signs it is Time to Change Your College Major

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) is a professional organization of college career centers and employers who recruit entry level new college graduates. NACE is one of the major professional associations that research trends in college student practices as they relate to career and life planning.

In a recent survey, almost 1300 college students were asked about the factors that influenced them into choosing a college major. Here are some of the survey results:

– 66% of college students said they’d picked a major based on their career interests
– 12% of college students said they just sort of drifted into their major
– 9% of college students cited other reasons, including inspiration from their teachers
– 7% of college students chose their major based on its perceived earning potential
– 6% of college students picked their major following the advice of friends and family

Regardless of the reason you chose your college major, it is not unusual to contemplate making a change. In fact many college students change majors several times during the college experience.
How do you know when to go ahead and actually make the change?

If you are going back to school this fall and pondering a change in your college major, use this checklist to help you make up your mind.

1. Are you are struggling in your current major core courses?
2. Do you find your core courses boring and uninteresting?
3. Did you choose your major for the wrong reason? eg. because your girlfriend or boyfriend had chosen that college major?
4. You find you keep wanting to explore other classes?
5. Did you take a class in another major that you found really interesting or where you did really well?
6. Do you find that you are now curious about new careers?

Before you make the decision to change your college major, connect with your academic department or your college career center. There are many advisors and resources, such as career assessments, available on campus to help you explore alternatives, discuss education plan and overall help you manage the paperwork required to make the transition.

Do not attempt to make the switch on your own. Many times there are academic ramifications, including delay in graduation date, additional costs, transferable credits etc. A session with campus career counselors can really help.

So take some time this summer and critically evaluate your reasons for choosing the major you’ve selected.

If you are unhappy in your college major, make the change sooner rather than later.

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