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3 Benefits of Interview Coaching

Black women at WorkI’ve been doing interview coaching for almost 16 years!!  That number surprises even me sometimes when I think about my first career center job while I lived in California.  I had returned to school to get a business and became hooked on Career Development while completing my HR classes.  I quickly finished my MBA with an emphasis in Strategic Human Resources management and the rest as they say, is history.

Interview Like a P.R.O.

As a Career Counselor and a HR professional, I spent countless hours sitting across from job applicants who I felt could be great employees, if they were just able to get past the job interview.  Too many of the people I worked with, were just struggling in one job interview after the next.  Many applicants looked really great on paper, had great experience, but could not make the connection in the job interviews, between their resumes, their resumes and what the employer needed. After working with lots of new graduates, new immigrants, seasoned professionals and career re-entry employees, I was convinced that I needed to find a simple, easy to learn, yet effective technique to train people on how to prepare for and succeed in a job interview.

After weeks of doing a series of mock interviews with frustrated job seekers, who wee returning to the workplace after life challenges, I developed the Interview Like a P.R.O. technique.  It is this approach that I have used successfully for years in interview coaching sessions.  With a little bit of tweaking over the years, this strategy is my preferred methodology to help people prepare in a strategic way for job interviews.  Since recruiters always say that lack of interview preparation is their number one issue with job seekers, why not improve job interview preparation with interview coaching. Here are three clear benefits from doing an interview coaching session.

Benefits of Interview Coaching

Pump up your confidence  for the job interview.  The job interview is nerve wracking enough just because you are anxious about meeting strangers and bragging about yourself.  By participating in the interview coaching process, you become more confident about the overall process, because essentially, you get to practice for the real thing.

Practice interview preparation. Interview coaching gives you step by step information that you can use to prepare for the job interview.  Whether it is reading between the lines and decoding the job description or researching the company, interview coaching can help you get really good at preparing for the job interview.

Improve your ability to tell stories in the job interview. Interview coaching gives you the opportunity to practice telling stories that demonstrate past behavior.  After all isn’t that what employers want? Why not get some extra help shaping responses and tooting your own horn.

Whether you are looking for a new job (inside or outside of your existing company), looking for your first career position after graduating, seeking a promotion, changing companies or re-entering the workforce, doing an interview coaching session is a wise move.

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