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25 Twitter Pages Diverse Students Should Follow

25 Twitter Pages Diverse Students Should FollowWhen the Twitter social media platform began, people couldn’t imagine how relevant 140 characters could be.

Many thought it wouldn’t last. Well it has.

Twitter has grown to be a favorite for millions sharing and communicating about every possible subject you can imagine.

Like most Twitter users, we have carved out our little corner of Twitter where we meet, greet and tweet on issues related to workplace diversity, professional development, career advice and work success. Our audience is primarily African American college students, emerging and experienced professionals and entrepreneurs.  Basically, if you are about life success through career success,  job search, education, college life, human resources, leadership, industry and professional branding  – our Twitter page is a resource.

Although there are thousands of Twitter pages where career experts dole out free career advice, insight and information, there are many diverse college students that don’t know where to go for career success tips.

Here is our updated list of 25 Twitter Pages Diverse Students Should Follow for 2019.

Why these 25 Twitter Pages Diverse Students Should Follow?

Why, in my opinion, are these the top 25 Twitter pages diverse students should follow?

  • They routinely include images of diverse professionals.
  • They cite data and resources relevant for a diverse community.
  • No relevant issue seems off limits.
  • They share honest advice that students and emerging professionals need to hear.
  • They stay current (a biggie for me).
  • The advice shared is in line with one of the 5 Points in the Career Development Model that we believe works.

Of course we would love for you to follow us @HBCUCareerCntr where we primarily serve the diverse community of students, employees, families and alumni of America’s 105 Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

As usual, my lists are never in a particular order, because they are all equally valuable.

  • @GreatResumes – Resume writer Jessica Hernandez shares tons of resume tips.
  • @womenworking – Women Working is an online career and lifestyle magazine
  • @BCWNetwork – Black Career Women Network is a professional network for women.
  • @NBMBAAhq – National Black MBA Association offers business and grad school tips and resources.
  • @UndercoverRec – Undercover Recruiters is a recruitment and career blog.
  • @eddiefrancis – Eddie Francis bridges the gap between your Greek life and professional life.
  • @Truaccess – Tru Pettigrew is all about inspiring and empowering millennials.
  • @DailyMuse – The Muse is all about seeking and finding that dream career.
  • @ChelseaKrost – Radio show host gives personal branding advice for millennials.
  • @HeyDrWilson – Dr. Caleph Wilson speaks on STEM careers and resources.
  • @AlisonDoyle – Workplace, career and job search guru with immense credibility among career professionals.
  • @MindaHarts – Advocate for women of color and author of The Memo.
  • @DiversityInc – Leading resource on workplace diversity management.
  • @FastCompany – Awesome resource for what’s hot, what’s current and the future of business.
  • @LynnCareerCoach – Lynn Caroll is a LinkedIn guru, career coaching and higher education expert.
  • @TorinEllis – Diversity and inclusion expert.
  • @NatUrbanLeague – Excellent resource committed to empowering African Americans.
  • @BlackEnterprise – Promoting initiatives related to careers and business ownership.
  • @FuturesinMotion – Markell Morris stays positive and uplifting and at all times is generous with advice.
  • @Glassdoor – Their mantra is simple: Get Hired; Love your Job.  Salary, interview, industry information.
  • @NSBE – You don’t have to be a STEM student to get career advice from the National Society of Black Engineers.
  • @BlackEOEJournal – Working hard to help corporate America develop a more diverse workforce.
  • @MarciaFRobinson – Dr. Robinson is the founder and curator of TheHBCUCareerCenter.com.
  • @WorkingNationProduces innovative content and reporting on work.
  • @VolunteerMatch – Offers all kinds of advice for people who do meaningful work through volunteer experiences.

Please contact us, if you think we have overlooked any Twitter pages you have found particularly helpful with career advice for diverse students.

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